Pain Neurophysiology

Ongoing Projects & Publications

Ongoing Projects

  • Ex-vivo electrophysiology for ultra fast nociceptors (Centre for Social & Affective Neuroscience, Linköping University)
  • Long lasting pain inhibiton C-tactile afferents (Centre for Social & Affective Neuroscience, Linköping University)
  • Endocannabinoid release with long lasting C-tactile specific activation (Smärt- Och Rehabenheten, Linköping)



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Samour, Mohamad S., Sumaiya M. Shaikh, David A. Mahns, and Peter J. Shortland. “Noxious, but not innocuous, thermal stimuli evoke pERK expression in dorsal horn neurons after spared nerve injury in adult rats.” Neuroscience letters 654 (2017): 49-55.


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