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Book: India Misinformed (2019), Harper Collins Publishers, India

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Authors: Pratik Sinha, Sumaiya Shaikh, Arjun Siddharth

The propaganda of misinformation and hoaxes disseminated through print, graphics, and social media has altered the social landscape of this nation. It has led to multiple cases of lynching, mob violence, defamation and riots, and continues to pose a serious threat to Indian democracy. India Misinformed: The True Story, written by the team of Alt News, a fact-checking website that debunks fake information – and edited by Pratik Sinha, Dr Sumaiya Shaikh and Arjun Sidharth – identifies the purveyors of fabricated news, exposes the propaganda machinery and familiarises readers with techniques to detect these menacing stories. Was Jawaharlal Nehru anti-Hindu? Was Narendra Modi declared one of the most corrupt prime ministers in the world? Is Sonia Gandhi the fourth richest woman in the world? Did Rahul Gandhi register as a non-Hindu at the Somnath Temple? With photographs to establish its claims, India Misinformed: The True Story presents the real picture.



EXPERT SPEAK: Understanding the neurobiological processing of violent extremists (2019). Observer Research Foundation.

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OPINION: Taslima Nasreen’s views echo eugenicists who favour genetic cleansing for racial supremacy (2019). The Print, India

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OPINION: Lancet has always written on conflict zones & health. Why should Kashmir be an exception? (2019). The Print, India

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COMMENTARY: Spoonful of Sugar: Why India’s push for alt-med in the public health system is ill-advised (2018). The Caravan, India

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Scientific Opinion: The cognitive neuroscience of a lynching (2017), The Wire, India

The science of hate can help us realise who the bigger criminal is. Is it the lynchers alone? Should the instigators bear more blame? And should an apathetic government be held complicit?

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